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Rose of May

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Full Name: Beatrix Savedra
Nickname(s): "B", Trix (Among close friends only)
Age: 20
Birthday: April 5, 1984
Sign(s): Aries/Rat
Blood Type: AB+
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Human
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Sexual Peference: Straight, but bi-curious
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Resident Assistant at Jenova University
School: Jenova University
Grage: Sophomore
Current GPA: 3.92
Stereotyped/Titled at School: RA, Fencer
Personality: Beatrix is a very serious student. She works hard, strives for success in all she does, and is a very respectable individual. She is liked by people, but has no real close friends. She surrounds herself with responsiblities such as being a Resident Assistant, President of the Fencing Club and Captain of the Fencing Team, marginally involved in Student Government as a Building Senator, and (unknowing to others) volunteers at the Rescued Animal Shelter. All of her other free time is spent studying. She is undecided in her major but is leaning toward a double major in Politics and Mathematics. Though Beatrix has a perhaps cool side, she has another side many don't know. CUTE. She loves cute things. She finds baby animals to be adorable, she loves the color pink, and she loves to wear make-up and dress up, though she rarely ever does it in public. She adores opportunities to dress up so that she can. Even her underwear is cute, but no one but she knows this.
Weapon of Choice: Sword and dagger.
Hobbies: College, Being a resident assistant, Fencing, taking care of cute animals, collecting cute things.

This is a character journal for the RP jenova_rp. Don't take this seriously. Really.

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